Bea (Beatrice in full) was born on 10th January 1994.

From the age of 4 Bea attended Kingswood College where she made a lot of really good friends and enjoyed many happy years performing in school plays, singing in the choir and taking part in sports - oh yes, she even managed to go to some lessons as well! Bea has attended several school balls too.

Since Easter 2007 Bea has been at Priory School in Burscough where she has made plenty of new friends and is enjoying taking an active part in school life.

When she's not at school Bea fills her spare time with lots of activities. As you can see from the Ice Hockey tab, she plays for two teams which means she has to train two evenings a week and play at least one match just about every weekend. Bea also attends drama classes at Southport Theatre on Saturdays. Amazingly enough there is still time in the week for her to indulge her passion for The Sims and to cover every square inch of her bedroom floor in clothes and stuff!

Bea ready to take to the ice for Blackburn Juniors. 
Bea starring as Oliver in the Stagecoach production of, strangely enough, Oliver! Here she is performing her solo number "Where is love?" 

Bea also loves her summers in Sweden and can't wait for the next family adventure holiday - she wants to see more wildlife and she wants to go on to gain her full open water diving certification. With these aspirations there will never be a chance for Nick to put up his feet early!

Bea making the most of a beautiful summer's day in Mollaryd. 
Bea at Tshukudu Ladge in South Africa playing with Savannah, the orphaned cheetah. 
Bea being a scuba girl at Eden Rock on Grand Cayman.  

Bea is now in Year 9 at school and will be starting her GCSEs next academic year. She hasn't yet decided what career she wants to pursue so stay tuned to see what direction her life takes.