Mollaryd is a small village in the Västergötland region of Sweden. It is approximately one hour west and slightly north of Gothenburg. It lies in undulating countryside which is a covered in forests and farmland. There are literally hundreds of lakes in the area.

In 1996 we bought an old soldier's "torp" as a summer retreat. Nick had fond memories of spending childhood summers in glorious weather in Sweden and we felt that with free access to so much wonderful nature it would be a great place for the family to spend the summer.

The torp was built in 1902 and was  originally a home for a soldier and his family. Downstairs is 32 and comprises a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs is 22m² and comprises 2 sleeping areas. It's a bit low in the ceiling and Nick can only just stand upright in the middle of the bedroom.

We have added a guest cottage that mostly serves as Alex's summer quarters and X-box central nowadays.

For the most part we have had super summer weather over the last 12 years and have managed to spend most of our time outdoors. Here are some happy summer memories.

 A traditional crayfish dinner 

Fishing on Säm lake - there are islands on this large lake where yopu can camp overnight and eat what you catch. We love kayaking on this lake. We regularly see ospreys on this lake. 

 Alex in his kayak. 

Fishing at Stomsjön. It is so peaceful at this lake which is only 10 minutes by bicycle from our torp. 

Yes, there really are fish in these lakes! Alex with his record pike. 

We see a lot of wildlife around the torp. Deer are the most usual sighting, but occasionally we are lucky enough to see moose - here is a mother with her calf.