Just outside our back door we have a mature cherry tree from which we hang a number of bird feeders.  We are fortunate to have a lot of different birds come to visit us and we encourage them with sunflower seeds and nyger seed. We would have peanuts etc. but we have a greedy squirrel that would destroy the feeders in search of an easy meal!

Here is a gallery of some of our visitors in 2008 - all the photos were taken from our kitchen windows.



Pheasant - this one lives at the bottom of our garden! 


 There is always some sort of altercation going on - typically the greenfinches are at the top of the pecking order. Here the goldfinches are squabbling between themselves. 









 Tawny Owl 

We also regularly have bullfinches, long-tailed tits, coaltits, blue tits, great tits, collared doves, wood pigeons, jays and jackdaws in the garden

Finally, a picture of the bloody squirrel!