Burscough has a local football club - Burscough FC, known as The Linnets. Nick is a shareholder (more of a token really) and gets to see as many games as he can. Normally he'll go with his brother-in-law, Dean. When Uncle Anteater is over from Sweden then all three will go the match and indulge in as many pie and pintathons as possible.

In 2003 Burscough famopusly won the FA Trophy, the non-league equiovalent of the FA cup. They are the lowest ranked team ever to win it - it would be like Bury or Wrexham winning the FA Cup today! The final was played at Villa Park and was a totally unforgettable experience. For those that care, Burscough beat Tamworth 2-1.

Here you can see Bea and Alex posing with the FA Trophy