We have taken thousands of photos of wildlife in South Africa. Here is a small selection of some of our favourites.

We followed a pride of lions along a very small and deserted road in the Kruger Park. We spent about 15 mutes watching the lionesses and their cubs before they vanished into the trees. 

The dull colours on this photo are due to the fact that it was taken just as dawn was about to break. We had set off from camp early and were rewarded with this lion sighting less than a mile from where we had been staying. 
We watched a herd of elephants drinking and playing by a river 
A more normal elephant photo for us. Ears out is a threatening gesture. The inscription on Nick's gravestone will read "I'm sure we can get just a little bit closer"! 
This is a really old bull elephant - we have never seen such long tusks. 
A white rhino with its calf.  
This was taken early one morning at Ithala Park. Black rhinos are rarely seen and this one was spectacular as it emerged from the mist. 
Cheetahs are becoming endangered. We followed this one and his mate for about half a mile. 
The buffalo is one of the "Big Five". Buffalo kill more people in South Africa than lions do, so we didn't want to get much closer than this. 
There is just something about a giraffe's head that is so photogenic. It's a nightmare trying to frame a full shot of a giraffe in a photo 

We spent ages in a hide watching these hyenas defending their patch of river bed from a baboon with real attitude. 
Hippos are tough to get good photos of. All you see during the day are the tops of their heads sticking out of the water. We caught this pair having a dispute in the Pongola River 
The kudu is our favourite antelope - the horns are amazing. 
You see impala everywhere - one male will have a hareem of up to 200 females, so fights for supremacy are vicious. 
 A nyala buck 
The steenbock stands less than 2 feet tall and is extremely shy. This was a rare sighting. 
We needed eagle eyes to spot this reedbuck - another very shy antelope 
A face that only a mother could love! 
It's not advisable to go swimming in the rivers. These crocodiles are 3 meters long...and more! 
It had rained one night and the next morning there were tortoises everywhere - drinking from puddles on the tracks 
This was a really special sighting. Normally chameleons are well camouflaged in among the bushes, but this one couldn't have contrasted more vividly with the road. It took about 5 minutes for him to get across! 

This cheeky bushbaby raided our bananas while we were at the isolated Thalu Lodge! He came every night and clattered about in the kitchen and lounge while we were all in bed.  
A European bee-eater 
 Little bee-eaters 
A crowned hornbill 
A ground hornill. They are now an endangered species, so this was a good sighting. They stand about 1 metre tall. 
A helmeted guinea fowl 
A lilac roller 
A martial eagle - the largest eagle in Africa - with a francolin it has caught 
A saddle-billed stork 
A white stork 
A yellow hornbill 
A brown-hooded kingfisher