No family would be complete without some tame wildlife. Here are some pictures of our pets.

This is Spike, our cockatiel. Why have a bird that can sing beautifully when you can have one that shrieks its head off most of the time? 
Here are Shuky & Sabs - they are Royal Pythons. We have had them since they were only a few inches long, but they are now fat, healthy snakes. Shuky on the left has just shed his skin and Sabs on the right is just about to, hence the different shades. Snakes are very relaxing pets and feeding time is very exciting to watch!
 We "adopt" our neighbours cats each summer - cat's don't seem to have 9 lives in Sweden as there are different cats every summer! Believe it or not, this pair are brothers! 
Rufus, or as we call him "Doofy", became a real favourite. Not as smart as the average cat or particularly agile, but very cute and affectionate.