Penny is the one that keeps the Fletchers on track - she provides the stability and constancy in all our lives. Nick is abroad a lot through work so Penny has to make sure that the wheels stay oiled. This means her life is a constant battle to ensure clothes are clean, proper food is wonderfully prepared and available to eat together, the house and garden are beautifully maintained and that Alex and Bea are ferried to their numerous extracurricular activities in a punctual manner. She manages all this perfectly and still looks glamorous too!

Penny, whose maiden name is Little, was born and grew up in Norley in rural Cheshire. She has two brothers and a sister.

Penny was a model student throughout school and achieved the grades to go to Aston University to study for a degree in Business Administration and German. As part of her course Penny had the opportunity to spend a year working in Germany. Here is her work permit from 1982 - you can see Pennty kept up with the fashion of the time - that is definitely a 1982 style coiffe.

Penny graduated with a 2:2 in 1983 and joined British Steel who had sponsored her through university. She started her career in sales and marketing which she continued successfully until 1989 when she and Nick seized the opportunity to go and live in Sweden. Penny had to start from scratch again and quickly learned the language by attending "Swedish for immigrants" classes. Penny is at the far left on the front row.

Penny and Nick returned to live in Engalnd in the summer of 1991 and Alex was born in December of the same year. Together Nick and Penny decided that the right thing to do was to endure finacial hardship to ensure that Alex had a stable home environment in which to grow up and so Penny brought down the curtain on her sales and marketing career and embarked on the most satisfying career of all - motherhood. Bea was born in 1994 so Penny had plenty to do for the next 16+ years.

In among all her hard work Penny manages to occasionally meet her friends for coffee, play ice hockey, weave some fabulous creations, ensure the garden always looks wonderful and fully participate in the family holidays.

Penny showing total concentration while on the ice. 
Penny in Grand Cayman 
Penny at Tshukudu Lodge in South Africa 
Penny is always glad for the opportunity to put her feet up! 

During the last two years Penny has started helping as a learning assistant at Alex & Bea's old school, Kingswood College and she is gradually increasing her hours. Keep checking back to see if she ends up going full-time!