Alex was born in Banbury on 4th December 1991.

Now, at 16 years of age, you may be thinking that Alex is an obese, impolite, maybe even drug-addicted chav. However, if you thought this you would be mistaken. A more physically sound and well-mannered 16 year old you will struggle to find - at least according to Alex himself! He is attending his first year at KGV college in Southport, after spending an enjoyable 9 years at Kingswood College in Scarisbrick, where he gained 9 GCSE’s.

Alex on his way as part of a school trip to the premiere of the first Harry Potter film. 
Alex performing his role as an evacuee for a school history project. Sadly, there were no takers, so he is still with the family! 

Alex started to take an interest in football when he was 6 and so he started a football career that would last 8 years, and take him to 3 different clubs: Burscough, Ormskirk Cross Hall and Halsall, as well as the school football team, in which he was a regular. Alex has earned himself a rather large collection of medals and trophies, including 2 ‘Manager’s player of the year’ and a ‘Players’ player of the year’ in 3 consecutive seasons at Ormskirk Cross Hall.

Alex enjoyed his most successful footballing moments with the school team, where not only was he a core player in the team that won two sets of silverware, but also spearheaded the team as captain the following year, acting as the driving force in winning an historic treble.

Only one thing could take Alex away from his football career and that was the discovery of a sport that was much more exciting and demanding - ice hockey. See the Ice Hockey tab for a full account of Alex's career to date, but his passion to play remains strong and he looks forward to carrying on playing.

Alex’s other passion, like his dad's, is music. Following similar music tastes, Alex enjoys listening to indie, classic rock, heavy metal, punk, powerpop and funk. This is where a long list of favourite artists needs to be typed out, however a few of his select favourites are: The Guillemots, The Wombats, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, The Feeling, The Killers and The Hoosiers. Alex is only at the beginning of his concert-going life but to date, his favourites have been Neil Young, Nada Surf, Asia and Blue Oysyer Cult - with many, many more to come.

Alex looks forward to his summers in Sweden and just manages to start mastering the language when it's time to come home. His love of wildlife has meant that he has been the top animal identifier on our trips to South Africa and the Caribbean.

Alex is a real Swedophile - here he showing his "summer colours" on the ferry to Sweden. 
Alex really loves to play with the fish when snorkelling. 
Alex at Tshukudo Lodge in South Africa. 
Armed with his kayak and his fishing rod the only thing missining from Alex's life is a cold cider beverage! 

One of Alex’s ambitions is to move to Sweden after college. However, the idea of a gap year in South Africa may put his plans for Scandinavia on ice for just a while longer.